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Tax planning is a process of looking at various tax options in order to determine when, whether, and how to conduct business and personal transactions so that taxes are eliminated or reduced. As an individual taxpayer, and as a business owner, you will often have the option of completing a taxable transaction by more than one method. We are here to make sure you take the right actions with your taxes.

No matter how much or how little Financial Planning you do, one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face on a regular basis is staying on top of your tax obligations. Let our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professional or CFP® and federally-authorized tax practitioner ENROLLED AGENT (EA), help you through this complex and challenging process.

See the “big picture”. Get empowered.

Tax Planning, Preparation and Filing.

Every financial decision you make can potentially affect other aspects of your financial life.

Taxes are no exception.

Through a proactive approach, we study your present situation and your projected tax burden. We may be able to identify tax savings that you overlook. We then will employ sound tax-saving procedures to minimize the tax burden and maximize the available tax benefits for individuals and businesses.

Horizon Coast is here for you every step of the way, from Tax Planning, through the Preparation and Filing.

Our Tax Plan Services and Objectives

No matter how simple or complex a tax strategy needs to be, we focus on tax-savings opportunities:


Our experienced tax experts understand how to navigate through all the forms and rule changes, and are committed to getting you the best possible outcome.


Our experts understand the complexities involved with filing taxes for your business.  Let us navigate through the complex forms, rules, and deductions and get your business the best possible outcome.


Let our tax experts help you plan your financial situation in the most efficient way.  Our tax planning service is an essential part of your financial plan from a tax perspective.  We will help you navigate through credits, deductions, tax brackets and more.


We help you find ways to reduce the amount of taxable income through write-offs, deductions and more.


We help you find ways to reduce your tax rate and total tax obligation.


We can help you control the time when the tax must be paid.


Make sure you don’t miss any available tax credits. Our tax experts are here to help.


We can help you control the effects of the Alternative Minimum Tax.


Avoiding the most common Tax Planning mistakes. Lean on our expertise to make sure you keep every penny you deserve.

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The Horizon Coast Family of firms is an innovative team of consultants servicing a diverse clientele. Our practice areas and full-service approach complement each other to provide you with a comprehensive strategy fit your unique needs and make it possible for you to flourish in business, at home and in life.

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